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Re: [IP] Question about telling people at work

Sherry Nolan wrote:

> Jenny wrote at the end of her message,
> > -- When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of
> > Algebra.
> My response:
> Ooooh.  Can I? Can I? Can I?  ;-)
> Seriously, I am going to be teaching 8th grade Mathematics in the fall
> (Algebra, and Pre-Algebra)and am trying to figure out if I should tell my
> students I am diabetic?  How I should tell them?  When I should tell them?
> What should I tell them?
> Any suggestions?
> -- Sherry
> dxd 8/80 pump 12/99 MM508

When I was hired last year to my current school position, I told both the
principal and the vice principal.  When school started, I made a beeline to the
nurse's office and told her.  I also told the teachers on either side of my
classroom, and showed them where I kept my glucose, just in case.  Since I
normally eat with the children (though being the computer geek, I was not
required to sit with the children, it just helped with riot control to have one
more teacher down in the cafeteria), I would normally test with the children.
I did not make a huge production out of it, had the meter in my lap, and used
an insulin pen which I would set below the table and use in my belly.  If a
chilid asked I would tell, when I got the pump, they all thought it was a pager
or phone.  BTW, for teachers, I do not know of a single teacher in my building
that does not have a cell phone in their pocket, on their belt, or in their
purse.  When anybody asked what that was on my belt, I would tell them, some
kids did not believe me and I would pull my shirt tight over the infusion area
so they see it with out me being rude.  They all accepted it and frequently,
they would tell me about their aunt or mother, or brother who was also
diebetic.  I would much rather have my collegues and students know that I was
having a medical emergency then to think that I was nipping at the bottle
between classes if I should go low :)

Jon Wagner
dx'ed 11/1194 in the afternoon, it was a friday, gave my first shot to myself
alone and scared the next day because my family had gone out of time friday
pump 4/03
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