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Re: [IP] Question about telling people at work

 I'd wear it on my waist band like usual and the first student to notice and ask
about it - it'll probably be a comment like "how come you get to wear a pager
and we don't" or "the rules say no cells or pagers" at least thats my experience
with 8th graders(grade 8'er up here) simply say actually its an insulin pump for
my Diabetes - this will either bring all the students attention or if you happen
to be talking to just the one student chances are the word will travel
throughout the class pretty quick and more will be asking.
 It might be a little weird to just stand up and say Hello I'm Mrs. ---- and I
have diabetes.

And who knows maybe you'll have a student with D!
Chances are the sudents at that age will make note of it pretty quick.

 I had one of my little Sparks( 5 and 6 year old Girl Guides) ask what my pump
was and I told her it gives me medicine and throught out the night I kept
hearing her tell the other girls what it was and they would come up and sneak a
peek - pretty cute.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> In the past I always told a few people at the workplace.  
> Typically the
> people I sat around, or the people I traveled with.  I am not shy 
> abouttalking about my diabetes, but I don't usually advertise it 
> either.  I am
> not ashamed of being diabetic, but I do feel that people look at me
> differently once they find out.  The main reason I am thinking of 
> tellingthe students is because I wear a pump.  I like to wear it 
> on my waist band,
> but that makes it look more like a beeper which is a big no-no in 
> the public
> schools.  I think if I explain it and get it out of the way that 
> would be
> better.
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