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Re: [IP] Another Paradigm death

Hey DanO,

I started on a Paridgm about 6 weeks ago, about 2 weeks ago i kept getting
a "bolus stopped"
error message. Actually 7 times in about 5 days. I called MM and got a
recetified pump.
I can't tell the difference between the new one i had and its replacement.
on Friday of last week i got a "Bolus stopped" error message again, but
only once,
funny, it delivers only .1 units and stops, same as the other.... but it
has not happened
again as yet.

Hopefully a step forward ain't 3 steps backward. The other issue i have
with MM is the proprietary
infusion sets. The computer industry tried this and "it don't work". Maybe
MM will figure
it out. However i'm told they sell the majority of pumps.


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>Well, I'm sad to say that I have to add another Paradigm to the obituary
>list.  Mine died on Saturday evening, for absolutely no apparent reason.
>The only warning I got was 3 quiet beeps, and when I checked it, every LCD
>segment on the entire screen was lit up, as though it were trying to do a
>self-test.  It then went completely blank, and stayed that way, no matter
>how many new batteries I tried to insert.
>Minimed tech support suggested that it may have been killed by static
>electricity, and had me wait two hours and try again.  I was still dead.
>I've had my Paradigm since August 2002, and have been plagued by the
>ubiquitous E21 errors at battery-change time.  I simply ignored the
>condition and chose to live with it, since reprogramming my basals every 3
>weeks or so is relatively painless, and I understood that it was a software
>glitch that caused this anyhow.  I have no idea if this is at all related to
>the unit's death, but I suppose it might be.  I've requested that Minimed
>send me a 'forensics' report after they finish dissecting it, and I'll post
>that information here if anyone is interested.
>I've been using Minimed pumps for more than 6 years (first a 507, then a
>508, and now a Paradigm, aka 511), and this is the first time I have had any
>problems whatsoever.
>I should be receiving a reconditioned replacement Paradigm tomorrow
>(Tuesday), and I've been assured that it will be "just like new".  We'll
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