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Re: [IP] Getting too Fat

At 03:34 PM 6/16/03, Julie wrote:
>When I try to cut back on my eating to lose weight, I have episodes
>of  low blood sugar which I must treat with food and I just give up.  The
>only good thing about my sugars being high was my weight stayed low, and
>high sugars are not a good thing, I know. Should I try setting a lower
>basal before I try dieting again?

Julie, your basals should be set for fasting, which means you shouldn't 
have to eat to cover your basals.  If you do, then your basals are set too 
high.  When I first went on the pump I was told by many seasoned pumpers to 
do fastings to set basal rates.  I occasionally still check them.  Basals 
are only supposed to keep your bg level when not eating not to cover the 
food you eat.  That's what boluses are for.  If you have the book, Pumping 
Insulin, there are instructions in it on how to go about testing your 
basals.  Good luck.

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