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[IP] getting fat

It happens when you eat MORE than your body needs for sustenance whether you 
have diabetes or NOT.  If you are on a pump, and are having so many lows that 
you HAVE to eat, then you either need to exercise LESS (bad idea), eat MORE 
 (bad idea), or lower your basals (good idea)! Then exercise MORE, eat less, and
lower your basal rates even MORE.  The less  you eat, the less insulin you 
need.  Low blood sugar is CAUSED by too much insulin, so if the insulin is not 
there in the FIRST place, you won't go low and you won't have to eat snacks!!  
pretty simple concept, really.  If you ahve not done it, or not done it 
 recently, do basal testing as outlined here on teh web site or in John Walsh's
and make sure your basals are set right...then slowly tweak them down a tenth 
at a time.  

When I started pumping 10 years ago, i LOST 12 pounds in the first couple of 
months just cuz i no longer had to eat UP to my insulin needs.  i was taking 
about 25 units of inuslin in the morning and another 20 at night.....My total 
daily needs NOW are only about 31 units a day...all that extra insulin needed 
to be FED.  So when I stopped OVER INSULINATING myself, and stared writing all 
the carbs and bgs down, I lost weight.  I hated having to write "one whole 14 
oz bag of Fritos" and I hated to lie to MYSELF, so I just didn't eat 
 them...now, i have stopped writing things down and i have gained the weight
my basal rates have crept UP slightly to meet my eating needs...

lower your basals...write down your bg and what you eat....and get some 
exercise...and you will probably lose some weight...

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