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[IP] Re: Getting too Fat

>>>along with tighter
controlled sugars has came a 17 lb weight gain and I am depressed over
it.  When I try to cut back on my eating to lose weight, I have episodes
of  low blood sugar which I must treat with food and I just give up.  >>>


It sure sounds like you need to do some basal testing. That means cutting
back on eating food should make no difference to your BGs since you don't
bolus for what is not eaten. Your basals may be set too high and you have to
feed that insulin = more calories than you want. Do you have the book
Pumping Insulin 3rd edition by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts? You can get it
through this site's book pages and IP will get a portion of the charge at
the end of the month. It is even cheaper going through here.

Let us know how you resolve this.

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