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Re: [IP] Getting too Fat

 I feel the same way. I have gained a lot of weight since being on the pump.
Being 21 the weight gain has been a horrible thing for me. I mss all of my
summer clothes from last year when I was almost 30 pounds lighter. I had some
other medical problems them too so not all the weight gain was from getting on
the pump. Any suggestions for weight loss?

JULIE TYLER <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Hello Fellow Pumpers...I have been using a Minimed 508 pump since January
of this year and have had great results with getting my blood sugars
under control but I have one complaint.......along with tighter
controlled sugars has came a 17 lb weight gain and I am depressed over
it. When I try to cut back on my eating to lose weight, I have episodes
of low blood sugar which I must treat with food and I just give up. The
only good thing about my sugars being high was my weight stayed low, and
high sugars are not a good thing, I know. Should I try setting a lower
basal before I try dieting again? Any advice anyone can offer is
appreciated. I do exercise and am pretty careful about what I eat, but
not perfect and still I have gained this weight. I can baretly buttom
my jeans and it is time to do something about it. I'm just so
frustrated. Thanks, Julie (in St. Louie)


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