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[IP] Another Paradigm death

Well, I'm sad to say that I have to add another Paradigm to the obituary
list.  Mine died on Saturday evening, for absolutely no apparent reason.
The only warning I got was 3 quiet beeps, and when I checked it, every LCD
segment on the entire screen was lit up, as though it were trying to do a
self-test.  It then went completely blank, and stayed that way, no matter
how many new batteries I tried to insert.

Minimed tech support suggested that it may have been killed by static
electricity, and had me wait two hours and try again.  I was still dead.

I've had my Paradigm since August 2002, and have been plagued by the
ubiquitous E21 errors at battery-change time.  I simply ignored the
condition and chose to live with it, since reprogramming my basals every 3
weeks or so is relatively painless, and I understood that it was a software
glitch that caused this anyhow.  I have no idea if this is at all related to
the unit's death, but I suppose it might be.  I've requested that Minimed
send me a 'forensics' report after they finish dissecting it, and I'll post
that information here if anyone is interested.

I've been using Minimed pumps for more than 6 years (first a 507, then a
508, and now a Paradigm, aka 511), and this is the first time I have had any
problems whatsoever.

I should be receiving a reconditioned replacement Paradigm tomorrow
(Tuesday), and I've been assured that it will be "just like new".  We'll

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