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[IP] Re: Square wave bolus

 Brian asked if we thought a square wave bolus was important or just a gimmick.
I must say that I don't use it a
 lot, but there are a few instances when it helps a lot. When I got to the
movies, I like to eat popcorn. If it
 is a long movie and I munch popcorn all the way through, then a dual wave or
bolus and then square wave helps
 me a lot. If I don't use it, I can go low too quickly and then rise a lot
later. Also, it helps with the
 occasional pizza or icecream sundae. If you notice that you tend to go high
hours after one of these types of
food, it can help to experiment with the dual or square wave.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green KY
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