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[IP] Met another pumper...

Well, this one I knew would have a pump when I saw her again.  One of my
ex-coworkers had a welcome / birthday party this weekend for his daughter.
He and his wife finialized the adoption in April and wanted to share her
with friends and family.  It was an amazing get together and I saw a lot of
people I hadn't seen in a while.  One of which was the wife of another

He, the coworker, was always asking me questions about the pump and telling
me that he didn't think his wife would go for it. Last winter, at another
gathering, I met his wife and she had also asked me a lot of questions about
the pump.  Last month I got an email from her saying that she had decided to
go on the pump and was getting a paradigm.

So at the party when I saw her she immediately ran over and pulled out her
blue paradigm and was telling me how much she loved it.  I was very excited
for her.  I think it's great that it has worked out for her.

Just thought I would share another pump success story, and run in.  :-)

-- Sherry
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