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Re: [IP] Re: testing at work

Jan said about testing in the classroom:
> I think it *humanizes* teachers.

> Testing in the classroom is a lifelong lesson for the students. Now is the
> time to educate from a *user.*

Awesome...I'm human!  :-)  Last year I quit my job as a software consultant
and went back to school to get a Masters in Education.  This fall I will be
teaching 8th grade Mathematics at a near by middle school.  I am very
excited to start this new journey in my life.  I plan on testing in the
classroom, and hope that I can be a role model for my students.  I also hope
that I can be open and accomadating to the students who have medical needs
in my classroom.  I've been working on a lesson plan about ratios and
percents using my pumps basal rates and my bolus ratios.  Thought this might
be a way to get the students to realize how much math I use in everyday
life.  :-)

To keep on thread, I have always tested at work.  I have tested at clients
during important board meetings.  Although I don't hide it in the sense of
hiding myself, I did learn to be discreet.  I find the beeps on meters
annoying, so I always turn them off on the meters I use.  I also would turn
my pump onto vibrate mode (MM508) whenever I was in an important meeting.
In my case, I was on multi-million dollar projects and couldn't afford to
"gross out" the clients.  When I was back in the main office (rarely), I
would leave my meter on the desk to remind me to test.  :-)  I also always
test at restaurants at the table, it is amazingly cleaner then going to the

Oh well, enjoying the fact that I have finally "humanized" myself.  ;-)

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80 pump 12/99 MM508
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