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Re: [IP] MiniMed CGMS question and POOPY WEBSITES

Hi, sorry but I can't help responding to this.  Tom, I don't know where to
find it, and others may be able to help.  But it brought to mind a complaint
I have about almost ALL of the diabetes companies' website...  they always
divide things into ridiculous unnecessary categories like patient, provider,
and insurance.  Then if you follow the links you find there's different info
available, what's that about?!?!  Like, why should a patient just get a form
to fill out to be mailed info about a glucowatch (e.g.), but providers get
lengthy descriptions of features and specs?!  So to get info, I have to
constantly go back and forth to navigate through these silly websites.  Just
give me the info I'm looking for, dang!  Oh and one more thing, why are all
the pump accessories' pictures so darn tiny on the Minimed and Diabetes Mall
websites?!  Like I want pictures of the tote bag, or the Leg Thingy, big
enough to fill my screen, rotate them around...  OK, had to get these
complaints off my chest!!  Sorry, I just worked 16 hours, perhaps my BG is
low?  Ice-cream should help.. :)
ciao, Brian

26, dx 6, pumping since8/99

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From: <email @ redacted>

> I went to the Therasense website and could not find any reference to the
> FreeStyle Navigator.  I also did a Google search and found nothing.  Does
> anyone know where to get more information about it?
> Thanks,
> Tom
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