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Re: [IP] Re: testing at work

Hi Jon and Debbie and IPers..  I have NEVER hidden my bloodtesting from
anyone.  Not everyone can do this, I recognize.  For my personality and
health, it's always worked best to test out in the open and talk to anyone
and everyone who asks or even hints at curiousity.  And I've had wonderful
results.  I'm proud to say I've probably educated 100's maybe 1000's of
people in the 20 years of the disease, even when I was a little kid I
But anyway, what I was really writing to say relates to what you two said...
I'm a social worker at a group home for runaway/homeless teenagers, and I
test/pump in front of them everyday.  In fact, I believe testing in front of
them has helped me build rapport with the clients and we end up relating to
each other a little bit more, especially since so many of them take
medications (ie. psychotropics) daily.  But even in settings where I've
worked where is hasn't been so overtly contructive, I've always done it.  I
consider testing BG/shot/pumping just like eating and breathing :)
ciao, Brian

26, dx 6, pumping since 8/99

> Jon, I bet you are a really neat teacher!  I used to work at a Children's
> Residential Group Home and tested in front of the kids and slso gave
>  shots--before pumping--and a lot of the kids were interested in what i
> doing. I think
> it helps make the kids feel special to know about the A-B-C's of what
> teachers or others who care for them are doing.  My, then 3 y/o, could run
>  blood test as well as me--she just couldn't read the numbers! Now she
reads the
> numbers for me!!!!
> Debbie and maggie IP
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