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Re: [IP] Data Transfer from Accu-chek Software to One-Touch Software

I haven't tried that because I've only used Lifescan's (One Touch) since I
became insured with Kaiser 3 years ago.  However, I continually wonder about
this as I hear about new products (meters, pumps, etc) with computer
downloadable capabilities.  What I guessed I would probably do is export raw
data to Excel format, then manipulate it and import it to the new
program/software.  You probably already thought of this and is what you
meant by "massaging" it, but it's just my thoughts as I read your email.
I'd liek to hear other's thoughts too, especially wondering about Cozmo's
software, does it link with any and all meters too?  What my hope is that I
will one day have a software program that links my pump, meters, continuous
meter, and palm pilot (Sony Clie) altgether!
ciao, Brian

age 26, dx 6, pumping since 8/99

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From: "Steve Roche" <email @ redacted>
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> Has anybody done this so far?  I tried today to import in One-Touch the
> format exported from Accu-check software.  The CSV format is a
> comma-delimited text file and One-Touch SW won't recognize it.
> Slightly different information exists at the top of CSV files output from
> each brand of software and the One-Touch has a bunch of extra fields on
> line.  Ultimately, some amount of data "massaging" will make this transfer
> work, but I asking if anybody else here has done this before.
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