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Re: [IP] testing at work

 When I used to work (I'm now a stay at home mum) I checked at the office. A
toilet is not the most hygenic place to check and hopefully people are
understanding enough and just let you do what's neccesary. There's no way I'd go
to a toilet, if someone doesn't like it, have a chat to them and see if you can
explain to them how serious it is you test. Even if you held the machine on your
lap to make it a little less obvious but I think this day and age (in my
experience anyway) that it shouldn't be neccesary for you to go to the bathroom
but have a chat to your supervisor and let that person know the story and maybe
have a small discussion with the people in your group and let them know that you
have diabetes and that it's important that you test (if you feel comfortable and
don't mind telling peopl you have diabetes). Anyway, make sure that whatever you
do, you feel comfortable doing it and good luck :)

Jacqueline Hall
MM508 for since July 2002

Chaos, panic and disorder. My work here is done

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