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[IP] Re: the atkins diet?

From: "Jan Clinthorne" <email @ redacted>

snip>>There is a lot that the experts don't
know!  My blood work is better than its ever been.  My cho. is 145, my A1c
is 5.2.<<

Actually, many of the "experts" are coming around to support (or at 
least not speak out against) the Atkins Diet.  There are now 
independent studies which support Dr. Atkins and his diet plan. 
These are short-term studies, though, as the medical community has 
only recently given it the attention it deserves.  The studies are 
unanimous in favor of it short-term.  Many of them will now follow it 
long-term to be sure it is as effective and safe as it is short-term. 
Dr. Atkins practice and his own studies have tracked low-carbing long 
term with the same end result as the short term studies have 
concluded...that you lose weight, improve or eradicate many diseases 
and ailments, have more energy, improve cholesterol (lower total + 
increase HDL, lower LDL), lower blood pressure, lower blood sugars, 
plus lots more.  If interested, go to 
http://atkins.com/science/index.html and read the studies.

The USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion have conceded 
that the current food pyramid needs revised (which the Atkins diet 
has helped bring to the forefront) and are in the process of 
reassessing it.

It isn't expected to be complete until 2004-05.  I think we'll see a 
lot of Atkins low-carb influence in the revised version.

The food pyramid was never officially researched or studied before 
the FDA adopted it as scientific.  Many people don't realize that. 
Instead of one of the many independent federal agencies established 
to monitor and protect our health, the Dept of Agriculture (the 
agency responsible for promoting the products of American 
agribusiness) is responsible for it, thus serving two masters.  This 
can be tricky - especially when one of them includes persuasive and 
well-connected representatives of the formidable meat, dairy and 
sugar industries. The end result of their tug-of-war is a set of 
positive, feel-good; all-inclusive recommendations that completely 
distort what could be the single most important tool for improving 
the health of the nation.  At best, the USDA Pyramid offers 
indecisive, scientifically unfounded advice on an absolutely vital 
topic - what to eat. At worst, the misinformation it offers 
contributes to overweight, poor health, and unnecessary early deaths. 
Researchers should not have to negotiate with any special interest 

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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