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[IP] Re: prenatal vitamin question

> If and when you do start taking them, though, you should know that
> they contain a tremendous amount of iron.  This most likely won't affect
> your blood sugars (didn't mine, though YMMV) but it is likely to stop up
> the works.  My pet name for them was constipation pills.
> While you're taking them make sure to drink lots and lots of water to keep
> things moving.

I was taking iron (300mg Niferex) a day (for 8 yrs) and the instructions
said NO dairy products 2 hrs. before or after. That made a big difference!
Did these iron pills have similar instructions?

>  The extra strain on the kidneys is also why one should drink lots
> of water.

My kidneyologist (some people call them nephrologists) had me limit water to
not overstrain my already damaged kidneys. YMMV

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