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[IP] Re: prenatal vitamin question

 I think it is good for any women to take prenatals, but a new study just came
out talking about how women with D. who don't take it have something like a
4-time increased risk of birth defects then non-D women who don't take them.
Women with D. who do take them have the same decreased risk of women without D.
who do take them. So basically, it may be that it is even more important for
women with D. to take them.

 I have been taking a regular multi-vitamin with 400 mcg of folic acid (and
other stuff) for a while. At my pre-pregnancy consult with Maternal Fetal
Medicine, my high risk ob told me that you need to be taking folic acid at least
3 months before getting pregnant and for the first trimester. He also said that
he did not go for prenatal vitams per se because many women end up not taking
them because they all seem to cause nausea. He recommends a regular
multi-vitamin and then prescription folic acid. He put me on 5000 mcg (or 5 mg)
of folic acid a day because of a study in Britain that showed 4000 mcg or higher
was the ideal dosage for women with diabetes. He also said that whatever your
body does not use gets peed out so it doesn't build up in your bloodstream. I
would definitely recommend talking to your doctor before taking that much folic
acid but that is what my doc recommended.

 Also, I have not noticed any differences in my blood sugars after taking my
vitamins. And I take all that folic acid, a multivitamin, calcium, Vitamin C,
and glucosamine.

 Have a great day, Kristen, 24 yo, T1 8 months, ttc in August, going through
insurance process to get a Cozmo


I have heard that it's good for diabetic women to take prenatals before 
try to get pregnant... for how long?  We want to start trying in the 
next 6
months to a year, depending on what my endo says, so should I get a
prescription for them now?  Also, do they affect your sugars at all?


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