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[IP] Re: prenatal vitamin question.

   Of course, as others have suggested,  your OB-GYN  is the one to ask 
about when you should start taking prenatal vitamins They are recommended 
for all women who are planning to conceive, and often recommended for women 
of child-bearing age who are not actively thinking about conception since a 
large percentage of pregnancies are not planned, (not just women with 
diabetes) because neural tube defects occur during the first 28 days after 
conception, often before a woman is aware she is pregnant.
   I want to comment on the iron level in prenatal vitamins.  There are 
about 30 mgms of iron in most brands of prenatal vitamins. Compare this to 
the 325 mgms of iron in most iron supplements and it is not a "tremendous" 
amount of iron. Pregnancy in itself can cause  constipation and taking even 
30 mgms extra a day might add to this effect in some women, but it is a 
relatively small dose. Again, consult your own medical team.

>Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 22:21:08 -0700
>From: Liz Davis <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] prenatal vitamin question
>At 08:54 PM 6/14/03 -0400, you wrote:
>  >I have heard that it's good for diabetic women to take prenatals before 
> they
>  >try to get pregnant... for how long?  We want to start trying in the next 6
>  >months to a year, depending on what my endo says, so should I get a
>  >prescription for them now?  Also, do they affect your sugars at all?
>I agree with Jim that when to start taking them is a question for your
>OB/GYN.  If and when you do start taking them, though, you should know that
>they contain a tremendous amount of iron.  This most likely won't affect
>your blood sugars (didn't mine, though YMMV) but it is likely to stop up
>the works.  My pet name for them was constipation pills.
>While you're taking them make sure to drink lots and lots of water to keep
>things moving.
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