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Subject: [IP] prenatal vitamin question

Subject: [IP] prenatal vitamin question

Hi Julie,

Actually-- it's a good idea to go have a pre-preg consult with your ob/gyn
first- or a perinatologist (high risk ob)- whatever their preactice suggests
for Type 1's- you may also ask your endo what she thinsk- as the endo may be
more influential in getting in to see the right person...

Then ask them about pre-natals...every doc has their own stance...I think it
is widly recommended that women ('betic or not) take a vitamin with folic
acid starting at least 3 months before conception if they aren't taking them
already.   That being said my doc does Not believe in specialized pre-natal
vitamins- as they usually taste like crap going down and are very expensive
and not much different from regular vitamins except in the amount of folic
acid so instead of that she told me to keep taking my regular CVS generics
of One-A-day for Women and then supplementing that with a small folic acid
pill (thin I was taking 1mg (as opposed to the 400 mcg in the regular
vitamin)the first 20 weeks or so)

I've been taking the one-a-day for women generics for years now as I knew
that eventually we would start trying and our attitude at the time was "when
it happens it happens" and having my vitamin on board was a little piece of

Of course, YMMV.  Best of luck-  if you are interested go to
groups.yahoo.com there is a pregnantpumpers listserve which has been really
really helpful to me--and lots of the members belong here as well!

Bekka Caruso


DX Type 1-  10 YEARS (6/14/03)

22.5 weeks pregnant with Alex (a very kicky little guy!)
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