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Re: [IP] testing at work

Jon Wagner <email @ redacted> wrote:

>liz wrote:
>> > I recently started work in an office where I don't have my own office,
>> just
>> > a desk among 6 others in a large office.  I don't want to gross anybody
>> out
but I have
>never once upset any student or teacher by testing when i sit down with the
>cafeteria food.  Now that I have the pump, they are all tickled that the
>computer teacher has two computers on his belt to help him eat :)
>so do not worry about grossing anybody out, that is there problem not yours.
>jon wagner
 Jon, while I feel that if anyone is "grossed out", it is their choice whether
to look or not. Personally, when at a resturant, I just leave my purse in front
of me on the table and test 'behind' it, but if anyone walks up, I just
continue, answering any questions that may arise. It is good to educate others
when an interest is shown.

 In the case of the students, I am very proud of you! You are teaching them that
it is okay to take care of their health and that health issues need not be "a
big secret" or anything to be ashamed of. Your actions will help others not tend
to be discrimatory torwards other diabetics. They are more likely to respond to
other diabetics with the following statement "Yeah, my teacher last year was
diabetic and he tested every day before he ate and had a cool pump for his
insulin. Do you have a pump?"

Keep on test, and teaching, many compliments, Tina
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