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Re: [IP] prenatal vitamin question

At 08:54 PM 6/14/03 -0400, you wrote:
 >I have heard that it's good for diabetic women to take prenatals before they
 >try to get pregnant... for how long?  We want to start trying in the next 6
 >months to a year, depending on what my endo says, so should I get a
 >prescription for them now?  Also, do they affect your sugars at all?

I agree with Jim that when to start taking them is a question for your 
OB/GYN.  If and when you do start taking them, though, you should know that 
they contain a tremendous amount of iron.  This most likely won't affect 
your blood sugars (didn't mine, though YMMV) but it is likely to stop up 
the works.  My pet name for them was constipation pills.

While you're taking them make sure to drink lots and lots of water to keep 
things moving.

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