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[IP] Re: high temperture on humalog

When Claire was dx'ed she weighed about 30 pounds and used about 3 units a 
day of Regular insulin.  Needless to say we threw out a nearly full vial of 
insulin every month.  After a couple of months, I switched to buying the pen 
 cartridges. One 1.5 ml cartridge lasted us the full month and was really nice
small to carry around with you--it fit into the meter case.   I don't 
understand why a doctor wouldn't tell you to do the same?  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9 
> Joshua weighs all of 37 lbs. His insulin needs are 10u each day, if that. I
> throw away a vial 80% full each month &it just kills me to do so. I have 
> asked
> if there is some way to get a smaller vial, use a pen cartridge, etc. so 
> that we
> don't have to throw away insulin. It's not a matter of cost because my 
> insurance
> + MassHealth means we don't pay any co-pay or deductible. The answer is 
> always
> no. 
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