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Re: [IP] testing at work

 I test lots and don't think people even know I am - I test in the grocery line
up, on the city bus, in restaurants and every where else you could imagine. I
just hold it in one hand and poke with that hand and squeeze and hold my fingers
bent under my palm so you don't actually see the blood(THIS PROBABLE DOESN'T
MAKE SENSE) but basically the only people who would know what I'm doing are
those that actually know me, those that know someone with D or People who for
some strange reason are just looking at me to hard ( and it serves them right
for seeing!)

 My fellow Girl Guide leaders and I were out at camp last weekend and the one
said everytime I turn around your testing! I said pretty much ya. and they never
stop talking about the time I ordered the double chocolate devil desert at the
restaurant( choc ice cream with chucks of chocolate, cookies, & choc cheesecake
covered in whipped cream and choc syrup. and more)!! they never say you have D
you can't eat that. They just say I can't believe you ate all that!! And make
mention of how much sugary stuff I eat and how my sugars are always "normal"

 People adjust to your testing and for those that it really bothers will learn
to not look when they see you pull out your kit.
 I love the ones who watch eye wide open, saying ewwww acting like there gonna
faint - yet every time there they are watching!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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