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Re: [IP] testing at work

Julie, I test at work incognito on my lap or beside my lap when there is
people around. I never blatantly test on the table or desktop unless I am at
home. I used to have a cubicle and somebody walked up seeing me test, said
"excuse me" and stepped off behind the cubicle to ask what they wanted to
ask. Then she asked if I was feeling OK. I just told her that I like to test
two hours after I eat sometimes or before I leave on the road - she just
said "Oh good." and left it at that.
We have many of type 2's and less, of course, of type 1's at our office. I
am glad she gave me that space; it is difficult having a cubicle. If it came
to site changes,  I would just use the bathroom and give the sharps to one
of the nurses or take them home to put them in my own container. I have an
office with a door now, I close the door slightly to test or do it with the
meter on my lap. Honestly, I am glad that I don't have to hide the fact I
have diabetes, everybody has been very respectful and I am glad to see when
they tell me that "I am doing good with the pump" or "doing well with my
health". I think that all changes the perception of diabetes. Happy pumping
Sharon B
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Subject: [IP] testing at work

> I recently started work in an office where I don't have my own office,
> a desk among 6 others in a large office.  I don't want to gross anybody
> by testing right there, but do I really want to test in the bathroom?  I
> have to test during the day... any suggestions?
> Julie
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