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RE: [IP] Adoption physicals

My wife and I (dx at 12) adopted two children.  I was 40 and on a pump and
my wife was 35.  All agencies told us we were too old.  Health didn't even
come up. We adopted the kids through an independent adoption attorney.  I
suggest you consider an independent adoption because with 44 families
waiting for every newborn adoptable child, you might find that diabetes will
be the one angle they choose to "include [you] out" as Samuel Goldwyn said.
Good luck anyway.  Note:  We are in California and I don't know the laws on
indpendent adoptions in NJ.  In our case, the social workers were not
concerned about my diabetes, only that I could afford to raise a child and
that we would be good parents.


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Hi All

My husband and I, after go through two unsuccessful in-vito tries and
one more that the insurance will help with are also going through
pre-adoption paperwork and looking at agencies etc...

Me at age 37 and diabetic for last 17 years and my husband who's worse
health problem besides me is sleep apnea know that physicals are a part
of the pre-adoption preparations.

My questions is to others on the list...Has anyone as a type I gone
through adoption of a baby? In NJ? Any agencies that are more friendly
to the health problems related with diabetes? Any other helpful

Gail Donohue
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