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Re: [IP] question

On 13 Jun 2003 at 12:45, Brian Baggaley <email @ redacted> wrote:

> George, just out of curiosity, which pump do you use, and what do you
> prefer about it?? -Brian

 Currently the Animas IR1000. I prefer the menu styling, not too many pushes to
 accomplish something, and not TOO FEW. Menu access is logical, it is a very
 case and fits nicely in the pocket. It has the 300 ml cartridge and it is very
efficient with
batteries (I am on week 9 of the $.50 specials from www.SR44.com)

 I had used the H-trons for 4+ years and they did very well by me, but I like
the additional
 control of time on temp basals along with extended boluses. When Disetronic
loaning out the D-Modem I knew I needed a newer design pump.

But those are MY reasons, they shouldn't make ANY difference to anyone else!

(who supports ALL pumps, including my CPAP)     :>)
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