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Re: [IP] novice pumper


i'm new to pumping, started late April, and for awhile my BG's were rather
inconsistent. I did the CGMS
and found out that i was the opposite of the dawn P. I went up before
midnight. The other problem
i had was not counting the carbs correctly, or missing a few here and
there. After these adjustments
i can say the they have leveld out nicely, and the adjusted boluses have
worked out great.

Dont' give up, it will work, give it some time.

jimb  dx'd 8/89 pumping since 4/03

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>I started my MM Paradigm about a month ago. I was on Lantus and Humalog. I 
>had to go off the pump for 1 day when my pump died on me. So, far I have
>back on the pump for 2 weeks. I have noticed that my basal rate has almost 
>doubled. Is this normal? I am still having fluctuations in my BS 50-190??
>Any advice?
>dxd at age 23, 4/24/02, Paradigm 5/6/03
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