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[IP] Re: driver's lisence


 I live in NY and, as I'm 17, I'm applying for my first driver's lisence. On the
application form it asks you if you have or have had a "Convulsive disorder,
epilepsy, fainting or dizzy spells, or any condition which causes
unconsciousness", it also lists heart, hearing, vision and limb problems and
then leaves a blank for "other".

 I have never actually been unconscious or had a "seizure" from a low, but when
I get low I feel tired, have trouble concentrating and sometimes (if I've been a
bit on the high side lately or even if I haven't and I don't notice I'm low
until I get really low) I get slightly dizzy and have trouble holding my hands
steady (not really shaky, but if I were holding a peice of paper, I would have
trouble holding my hand still enough that one wouldn't be able to see it was

 I'm not sure if I should mention this. I think I could list either the
unconscious/convulsive disorder or other: diabetes, but don't really want to .
I'm worried however that if I don't reveal this and I get into an accident or
get accused of being drunk as a result of being low I will run into problems.
Any advice?

 Also does anyone living in NY know: if I did answer yes to one of these
questions, would it be printed on my lisence?

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