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Re: [IP] Hmm interesting

Summer to hear about your struggles.  Nighttime is very confusing, and I
think I'm a freak because I have a REVERSE dawn phenomenon.. at 4 am, my
basal has to drop because my Insulin sensitivity goes UP around that time.
I wake up low after a night of good BG's unless that basal drops in the
early morning.  Similar struggles for oppossite reasons!
Oh, and just an idea... if your BG's are going up at bedtime, it's might not
be dawn phenomenon, it may be
phenomenon, and I HATE this one!  Pizza, Doritos, and Chinese food are the
worst for this one for me.  I can eat pizza at 7pm, and at 9pm have good BG,
then at 10:30pm, have good BG.  Go to bed and wake up at 2am with HIGH bg,
ugh. You may be on to something trying that square wave in the evening
before bed.  Good luck!
ciao, Brian
age 26, dx age 6, pumping since 8/99 (blue MM508 named Skylar)

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>  OK so I keep waking up high AGAIN! I always had BAD dawn phenom on shots
> then got the pump and got it all worked out and yippee normal am bgs then
> started going up in mornign and I adjusted overnight basals and godd am
> again and then AGAIN I keep waking up high. Not as high as when on shots
> was 28.0(500) but now around 17.0(300) better but still bad.
>  So I tried the overnight basal test and bombed by 9pmish ( was soooo
hungry -
> never try it on grocery day!) and havn't gotten around to retrying since
> have noticed that my sugars are perfect at bed time and I usually go to
sleep at
> 11pm but I've been staying up and retesting and by 11:30 I'm up at full
> 2.0mm(36) and it goes up, up, up from there so 2 nights ago I tried a
> wave of 1.0u from 11pm-12am, did the smae last night and both mornings
> woken up NORMAl!!
> Hhhhhmmmm I seem to be onto something here!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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