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Re: [IP] re: high temperture on humalog

I find this thread interesting because when I first switched to Humalog from
Regular in 1996 (pre-pump for me), no one told me that Humalog was more
sensitive to heat than Regular, so I used it the same way I had always
handled Regular...  I carried it with me, usually in my pocket! and
especially when I went dancing at nightclubs in Minneapolis (I was 18 when I
switched to Humalog), and you can bet it was probably 90+ degrees F in my
pocket!!  It wasn't until I went ont he pump in August '99 that the doctor
talked to me about Humalog's sensitivity, oops!  Interesting sidenote
though, the mail order company that shipped my insulin to me at St. Olaf (my
college) always sent the insulins overnight wrapped in icepacks.
ciao, Brian

> The last time I ordered my Humalog from the pharmacy, I told the
>  to make sure they kept it in the fridge before I picked it up because one
> they had the insulin in the bag on the shelf for me.  He told me that when
>  the insulin is delivered to any of the pharmacies, it is not refrigerated
> during
> shipment.
> Also had a couple of pharmacists tell me that 30 days for Humalog is the
>  pharmaceuticals way of making more money. The insulin is probably good
> you
> use it up.  I use a bottle in less than a month, so I don't have to worry
> about it.
> J
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