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[IP] Gail Nadler

Thank you to the people who responded to my original post about 3 weeks ago.
I really appreciate it.  Just to sum up a little, I am on pork insulin for 20
years, having to test constantly, to avoid highs and lows, and taking
corrective shots because I also feel ill if my sugar elevates for any length
of time.  Meaning I don't even feel well if my sugar goes over 120 and doesn't
drop in a short amount of time.  Again, I've been told that there is no one
else who experiences such a sensitivity to blood sugar.  I have tried all of
the human insulins except for Novolog and Humalog, and couldn't tolerate how
ill they made me feel.  I did try Lantus and couldn't tolerate that either,
felt extremely ill on just a few units of it.It has been suggested to me to
try Novolog and Humalog; I know they are analogs, but I did have a terrible
reaction to Lantus, and that is an analog, also.
Also, when I last tried the pump, about 3 years ago, with my usual pork
regular, I felt ill from something.  I wore the pump for about one week, and
got sicker every day.  My blood sugars were fine, that wasn't the problem.
Does anyone know if there are different types of tubing available now, even
possibly for people who are highly allergic or sensitive to something possibly
in them.  I am aware of different sets, but my question is about the tubing
itself.  Do any of the newer pumps have anything like "hypoallergenic"
tubing;, for lack of a better word?  Just to add this; when I was wearing the
pump and "practicing" with saline, I still felt that unwell reaction and even
asked my doctor if I could be reacting to the saling.  She didn't think so.
When I started pumping with insulin, it got even worse.  I would welcome any
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