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Re: Re: [IP] Re: insulin price shock

    I have never heard that before.  I know that when my BG yo-yo's, I
*feel* like shit, but my doctor has told me that it's better than just being
high the whole time, which contrasts with what your doctor is saying, at
least in regards to retinopathy.  Hmmm, I would like more research on this,
because I try to get those BG's down as fast as possible!  In fact, I've
been waiting for an even faster insulin, one that peaks in like 10 or 15
minutes and is completely done in 30 minutes...  Info about negative effects
of fast BG changes may change my mind on this one!
    About prescriptions...  I agree that because the FDA federally regulates
drugs, then prescription status etc. should be standardized for the whole
country.  But then again, I detest a lot of state management of services- we
waste so much in redundancy.  But then again, I'm a left-wing liberal gay
social worker living San Francisco, so what do you expect?? :-)
ciao, Brian

age 26, dx age 6, pumping since 8/99 (blue MM508 named Skylar)

> I think the issue is that if you give 10 units of humalog vs. 10 units
> of regular or lente, or ultralente, the humalog has much more potential
> for being dangerous than the others.
> Also, the diabetic eye specialist that checks my eyes says that diabetic
> retinopathy occurs more often in patients that have lots of rapid
> glucose swings.  Given the ability to quickly swing down from a high you
> don't want, humalog is considered by many diabetic specialists as more
> dangerous than regular.
> -sonya
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