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Re: [IP] question

> The Paradigm is by far the best pump in the world trust me on this one.
> Jill

I also have to agree that this is a YMMV thing.  I have been pumping with my
MM508 since Dec. of 1999 and the only pump choices (I think) were the MM508
(just released in October that year) or the Disetronic HTRON+.  I absolutely
love my MM508.  I chose the MM508 because it had features (multiple
profiles, vibrate mode) that were best for ME. The HTRON+ had features
(waterproof, different basal delivery rates, etc.) that were not necessary
for ME.

However, my 4 years will be up this December and I have started to look at
the choices that are on the market now.  Since I went on my pump, both MM
and Disetronic have released new pumps (Paradigm and DTRON, DTRON+), not to
mention the addition of Animas, Cozmo, and Dana to the choices.  The choices
have multiplied and I intend on investigating them.  What I have figured out
is that the Paradigm is not for ME.  I use both Silhouettes/Comfort/Tenders,
and Ultraflex infusion sets.  I cannot use the Ultraflex sets with the
Paradigm.  I have tried the Quicksets, and Sofsets and am unable to use them
due to allergic reactions.  Thus, the proprietary infusion sets for the
Paradigm have pretty much taken the pump off my list of possiblities.

As stated before, choosing a pump is a VERY personal choice.  We all have
lifestyles and needs that differ from each other.  I doubt we could all
agree on the best car in the world, so why try to convince everyone that
there is a best pump in the world.  There may be the best pump for YOU but
it might not be the best pump for ME.

-- Sherry
(who capitalized her ME's to make sure people realized I was speaking for
dxd 8/80, pump 12/99 MM508
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