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Re: [IP] Dawn Phenom, sigh

Welcome to the dawn/sleep phenom treadmill.

This one of my biggest reasons for going on the pump.  

If I stay awake all night, I don't have any issues.  It's not until I actually
fall asleep that all hell breaks loose with my blood sugar.

What I've found to work best is to go to bed about the same time everynight,
not to eat anything loaded with fat before going to bed, AND increasing my
basal rates from bedtime to about 2AM. I'm usually in bed by 10pm, so I jump
my basal from 1.4u/h to 2.0 u/h for first 4 hours I'm asleep.  Seems to work 
most of the time.

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a piece of cake with some icecream later
than I usually eat (8pm) and was high all night as a result, even with a 
6.7u bolus right before falling asleep.  I woke up 20 points higher than when
I get to bed (263).  That late  bolus should have taken me from 243 -> 42 (I
know, that's low, but I adjusted for the fact that I'm insulin resistant with
higher sugars).

It's never perfect, but works about 90% of the time if I stick to my rules.  =(

I'm not going to say YMMV, because we all should know that people aren't 
homogenous invariable automatons.  =P


--- email @ redacted wrote:
>  OK so I keep waking up high AGAIN! I always had BAD dawn phenom on shots and
> then got the pump and got it all worked out and yippee normal am bgs then it
> started going up in mornign and I adjusted overnight basals and godd am bgs
> again and then AGAIN I keep waking up high. Not as high as when on shots
> which
> was 28.0(500) but now around 17.0(300) better but still bad.
>  So I tried the overnight basal test and bombed by 9pmish ( was soooo hungry
> -
> never try it on grocery day!) and havn't gotten around to retrying since but
> have noticed that my sugars are perfect at bed time and I usually go to sleep
> at
> 11pm but I've been staying up and retesting and by 11:30 I'm up at full
> 2.0mm(36) and it goes up, up, up from there so 2 nights ago I tried a square
> wave of 1.0u from 11pm-12am, did the smae last night and both mornings I've
> woken up NORMAl!!
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