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RE: Re: [IP] Re: insulin price shock

We can thank the pharmaceutical industry for making insulin analogs
prescriptions in the U.S. because back around 1995, Eli Lilly wanted an
expedited FDA approval, so they agreed to make humalog available by
prescription only as a "safety precaution".  A safety precaution?!  I'm not
buying that -- humalog is no more dangerous than regular insulin (in fact, one
could argue that its faster absoption, which more closely mimics the body's
normal, endogenous insulin release) is actually safer because its peak occurs
over a much shorter period of time and has a much shorter duration.  By making
it a prescription, it is treated like other prescriptions with regards to
patent protection and generic competition, which is more of a safety
precaution for Lilly's bottom line than it is for consumers.

I know all about the role of state and federal governments, but it seems a bit
inconsistent to allow the U.S. to operate under a patchwork of different state
laws as to whether insulin and syringes require a prescription or not, yet
having only federal (FDA) approvals for whether drugs can actually be sold in
the U.S.  It would seem logical that there would be only 1 set of federal laws
regarding whether something is sold by prescription as well.  They are not
revenue generators the way tobacco and alcohol is.  Does anyone else agree? 

Dx'd Type 1 9/1976 at age 7, pumping with Animas R1000 since 6/2003 at age 33

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 18:14:04 -0600
From: Brian C <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: insulin price shock

>The pharmacist said that all insulins should be a prescription item as 
>insulin can kill--

Hmm  on that note lets make Tylenol a Script item..  It can kill and boy is it
a BAD death..  It's amazing how many kids take to much of this 
stuff..  uggg..

Here I only need a script for the analog insulins..  but now and then I am
tempted to use that"needle exchange program"  We have to pay for ours while
the druggies get theirs free.  lol

Brian Carter
ICQ # 27217438
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