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Re: [IP] MiniMed CGMS question

Hi Sonya, I did a 3 day trial of the CGMS for Kaiser Permanente.  They
wanted to have a couple patients see if it was useful.  Unfortunately, I
didn't find the CGMS all that helpful.  There were a few things that just
irritated me so much about it that I don't think my assessment was that
fair; but the things that irritated me most were that it wouldn't give me
actual BG readings on the spot even after calibrating it with my meter, and
I only get a printout at the end.  I really really REALLY wanted to be able
to push a button and have it tell me my BG level (after I had calibrated it
once or twice, should've been able to do this!).  Seemed like a lot of
inconvenience wearing that big 'ol bulky thing and have to delay
gratification for THREE days (in other words, no benefits until it's all
done), ugh.  Oh, and then th readings were just printed out- for them to be
more useful, I would like the raw data on my own computer to manipulate -
there's infinite ways to examine the information.  Oh, and I might as well
mention that I didn't like th recording system... the actual device is
terribly un-userfriendly with sh**ty methods for recording "events" and then
writing them down in a separte log, and you can't even go back through menus
to see what you already put in (like in the morning, I'm TIRED, If forget
"did I already put that event in??.." but unlike the pump, you can just look
and see "oh yah, I already bolused").  So anwyay, that's my [brief] synopsis
of MY experience with the CGMS.  I'm much MUCH more interested in using a
ciao, Brian

ps. Forgot to mention, I didn't find anything unexpected or particularly
interesting with the CGMS, like no hypos between good readings that I didn't
otherwise no about or somehting.

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> Just curious...  How many of you have used MiniMed's Continuous Glucose
> Monitoring System (CGMS) to determine if your basal rates are set
> correctly??
> I have and found it useful.  I am wondering if other have used it and
> what your experiences were.
> -sonya
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