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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #332

On 6/12/03 5:20 PM, "Susan Kinzelman" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated
stellar typing skills  and mental acuity by writing:

> think that phrase was started in the 60's by someone in DMV who was
> trying to control drunk driving. The truth of the matter is that driving is
> NOT a "privilege", it is a down right necessity. It's totally ridiculous to
> think otherwise. And most especially in rural areas where you need to get
> to a job. Like I said, here in NM, I have to drive to Albuquerque which is
> 20 miles one way. There are only 2 million people in the entire state, and
> one million of them are in Albuquerque. That's where all the businesses and
> jobs are.
> Just think of the first settlers in the west - they used horse - they HAD
> to be able to get around. Just think of going up to one of them and saying
> "oh yeah riding a horse is a privilege". Sure it's not the same medium of
> travel but it's the same necessity.

Fair play, I'm legally blind and SHOULD NOT drive by all reasons 'sane', BUT
it is a necessity, so maybe I can flout the law and drive anyway! After all,
I can at lest Think and follow traffic.... It's MY right too then.... Moms,
clear the kids off the streets, JENNY'S Driving!

BTW, Yes, riding a horse was a privilege, you had to AFFORD the horse, Try
stealing one...they shoot ya fer thet, thar! but even today *I* could do
that because the HORSE can see where we're going, even if I can't....<G>

  The two most common things in the Universe are hydrogen and stupidity.
                                            - Harlan Ellison

Jenny Sutherland
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