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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #332

>Pls, pls be cautious about filling out driver's license documentation in
any >state. I would suggest that everyone take the "high" road and be
honest >about having the disease. > >Keep in mind that driving is a
privilege and not a "right".  While I really appreciate the sentament and
the desire to keep people from having possible problems later by keeping
them honest, I, and probably many like me, have to either ignore the
question or lie.  While its easy to say that driving is a priviledge not
a right (that statement usually stops people's complaints) It seems to be
a priviledge that we pay out the behind to have, but all that aside, it
is a priviledge that society treats as a must.  Lets face facts, we need
to drive in todays world!  I don't know about the rest of you but if I
didn't drive I would not be able to get to work (which I have to do to
survive and have medical insurance, since it is not considered a
disability, I can't get financial help that way), I would not be able to
get to my doctors appointments.  Sure my husband could take me grocery
shopping and to the pharmacy after he got home,  most everything else I
need to do happens while he's at work, we e! ven start/stop work at
diffferent times, if he took off everytime I needed to go somewhere
during his work hours, he would get fired then we would have no income at
all.  I have no real friends or any family in this area and there is no
bus system that runs out where I live,  most people that I do know are so
unreliable, if you can even get them to take you somewhere in the first
place.  So I'm stuck having to drive everywhere.  I can't risk the
possibility of telling the ignorant State of Nevada and having them pull
my license because they are a "good ol boy" state that practice open
discrimination and would not understand about diabetes.


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