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Re: [IP] re: high temperture on humalog

Irwin, its my understanding that Humalog kept cool (53 f) is pretty cool
and unopened will last
until its experation date. Once opened, no matter what will last 60 days.
Most pumpers will go
thru a vial in 30 days. I would change the entire set if posible.


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>Recently,  my refrigerator has gone on the blink,  and the temperature was
>degrees for three days before the repairman came to fix it.  I am now 
> wondering if my three new boxes of humalog vials may have been compromised.
>Also, I
>am in Arizona,  and it has been known to get warm here a bit in the
>Like 110!!  I am wondering if I need to change my cartridge every time I 
> change a set (like every 2 1/2 days to 3 days), or if I could go for five
>a cartridge.  
>d/x 3/21/01,  pumping dtron+ 3/3/03
>email @ redacted
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