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Re: [IP] Beef Insulin Price Shock

Hi Denise, i agree with Brian, tell them to shove it....  


At 10:52 AM 6/11/03 -0700, you wrote:
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>HI Denise, sorry to hear about your rough day!  Good luck and be proud of
>yourself for you good BG's...  Oh, and can you mail order insulin for your
>cat directly instead of through that f**king thieving vet of yours? :)
>ciao, Brian
>> Hi Fellow Pumpers
>> I am so angry I could scream. My nearly perfect bgs of the past two weeks
>> soared!  My cat's vet has just charged me $225 for 2 vials of beef PZI
>> including syringes) while my former vet  on Long Island still charges $140
>> the same amount.  (I just called to verify this)  Also it took two weeks
>> get the insulin (back ordered I was told) and it turns out to be a lie.  I
>> called the manufacturer who told me that even at $70 a vial this is high
>> considering the cost to the vet, and also that insulin is always shipped
>> overnight, there was no back order.
>> I am overwhelmed at the moment taking care of my husband who had lung
>> a week ago (it was cancer but appears to have been totally encapsulated
>> no metastases) and can't afford to stay in shrieking mode too long.  I was
>> proud of maintaining great bgs throughout the surgery I don't want to let
>> ruin everything!  Please anyone, send me your best SWEAR words so that I
>> cool down some.  I promise I won't use them on the vet or anyone else, but
>> this 63 year old convent bred lady needs to tell her diabetic cat what her
>> greedy blankety blankety  vet is up to.   As soon as I can I will find
>> vet!
>> Thanks!!
>> Denise Guerin
>> Type 1 49 years
>> who once paid less than $5 a vial for her own PZI in the 1950's.
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
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