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I have been pumping with the Paradigm for a year now and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
No problems at all.   I love its features, the freedom it gives me, its
reliability (in my experience), the look of it, its size, the feel of it,
everything about it.  I have one of the original SW versions (Ver 1.7C 1.1
OB OB)  I believe the problems were for SW that came after mine but before
the latest one (I think 2.0).  Impromptu studies were taken from some of the
Paradigm users in this list and it seemed like those versions after the 1.7
but before the 2.0 were the ones with the problems (of course that was not a
real study nor was it 100% one way or the other.)

>From my experience (which is the only one I can talk about) I have not had
an issues.  I am going on vacation in August to the beach and I love that I
can swim with it I want to. If you can live with 180u and you like the
features, you should not let your Dr. dictate what you have to live with for
the next 4 years.  My understanding is that there will be upgrades to the
Paradigm soon that will not require to get a new pump but you will not be
able to have them with the 508.  

Remember, you are the patient and the one wearing this pump for 4 years
24/7, Don't let the Dr. dictate it to you!!!  IF you want the 508 (or any
other pump for that matter), then that is great, but it should be YOUR

BTW, for other Paradigm users:  I called MM today to ask about the beach.
They said the beach (salt water) is ok, no problem at all (water will NOT go
in so it does not matter what kind of water it is.)   I also asked to
confirm the length of time it can be submerged.  They said 24 continuous
hours at less than 8 feet (that is plenty more than what I plan to be in :o)

<<Cathy Wrote:
<<Can anyone  help me with personal experience or statistics on failure
<<rates of both or more specifically for the Paradigm. Also some personal
<<feedback on both would be so helpful.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
Dxd 2/11/02 Pumping since June '02
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