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Re: [IP] question

Hi Cathy,
First let me just say I have had my paradigm for about 5 months before that
I had the 508.   I have had no prolems at all with the new pump but others
have. Some of the Paradigm pumps hade problems with the original software on
them . That has since been upgraded.
You should do a search on Google to see what kinds of problems there are.
As for the 508 it is a good little pump , the batteries last a little longer
and I found the display screen easier to view. And it holds 300 units of
insulin if that is a concern to you.  It is water resistant so if yout ake a
dunk in the lake it should be ok  but you cant wear it for swimming or
The Paradigm is easier to program, is quiter no clicking like the 508.
It can be worn swimming or in the shower. I get about 4 weeks out of the
battery.  It does hold less insulin then the 508  (180units). I also fin it
easier to prime the tubing ect. You can you the quick sets that the 508 uses
but are just made a little different. They insert the same way.
When it comes down to it I think one pump is just as good as the other. You
have to decide what features you want a pump.  Have you looked at any of the
other pump Brands on the market?
Remember you have to live with the pump so you make the choice on the one
you want if your endo wont go along then find one who will.
Mike in Canada
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