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Re: [IP] humalog to novolog

> For those of you who have made a switch from humalog to novolog in
> your pump,  did you have a significant change in basals, ratios,
> etc.when you started?  We are considering a switch this summer to
> see if we can get some post-meal numbers to even out a little for
> Ian, and were just wondering.   

The reports to the list over the last year have been variable. I 
would venture a guess that it is dependent on whether or not your 
body is "unhappy" with some property of the insulin analog that you 
are using. List members, including trial study group members, have 
reported everything from "no difference at all" upto a 30% change in 
basals. They have also reported no difference in timing to (one or 
the other) very slow or very fast comparative absorption times. Like 
much in life, YMMV.

If you have no issues with your present insulin-analog, then there is 
little demonstrated need to change. If there are issues with 
absorption, site life, apparent clogging, etc.... then there is a 
chance you will see a change --- hopefully for the better.

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