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RE: [IP] question


     I have been on the Paradigm for the last 2 months and so far I haven't
had any problems. I did have one occasion where the insulin wasn't going
through the tube right, however after I changed the set the pump worked

Keith Steiner

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I have recently (today) been approved the pump!!! Yeah! I have been
doing a lot of research and I was all set to get the Paradigm form
Minimedd. The doctor says that he will only request the insurance
company to do the 508C because he has seen a lot of "crashes" or
"failures" with the Paradigm.
Can anyone  help me with personal experience or statistics on failure
rates of both or more specifically for the Paradigm. Also some personal
feedback on both would be so helpful.
If you want, feel free to respond to my direct e-mail if you don't want
to post to the group.
Many thanks,

Cathy D. Mann

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