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Re: [IP] Novolog... and leg sites

Hi, I'm very interested in this toopic because I'm wondering if switching to
Novolog would be good for me.  I've had major problems with itchy sites the
past few weeks.  I use Humalog, have since '96.  Sylvia, when you say your
son's sits only last a day, was that due to itchiness or what?  I've been
thinking my itchiness has been little infections at the site, or just my
body's being irritated by canula (foreign object), but what I'm gathering
from some people here is that maybe Humalog causes this?

Yesterday's solution was to switch site to leg, which I tried a few months
ago for about a month. I've ALWAYS given shots/pumped in abdomen, so the leg
is strange to me.  Yesterday morning, I woke up with good BG, but then after
breakfast it shot up to 300!  Between breakfast and correciton bolus, DOUBLE
my breakfast bolus was required just for a bowl of cereal.  It came down,
and then rest of the day, I suffered hypos.  It was as if when I was
lounging around the house before work, wasn't absorbing well, then when I
was on my feet all day, was absorbign better than usual.  Anybody else
notice these sorts of things??

ciao, Brian
ps. I'm a social worker, work with runaway and homeless teens

age 26, Dx age 6, pumping 4 years, blue MM 508 named Skylar

> Cari,
>   When my Joshua started on Novolog, oh, about 1.5 years, ago we had to
> his basals back by atleast 10%.  His BGs are way more stable and he also
> no pain with the larger boluses.  Also, we were having to mix some Regular
> with the Humalog to buffer it (helped his sites remain good for more than
> day) and now we no longer have to mix insulins.  Over all, for Joshua, the
> switch to Novolog has been VERY positive!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> dxd at 5.5, started pumping Dis H-Tron+ @8 and now 11.5
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