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Re: [IP] Novolog

   I recently switched to Novolog and noticed the same thing.  Every 
time I checked my sugars I was hypo or very close to it!  I spoke with 
my endo and he said it was probably  because  I didn't have any  
antibodies to the new insulin yet.   I   lowered my basals by 10% across 
the board , which helped a lot.
   One other thing to note:  I noticed that my post meal sugars have 
been much better.  I think this is because of Novolog's longer "tail" 
which makes it (IMHO) more forgiving when I mis-count carbs.

Bob, dx 10/1990, pumping with the D-Tron+ since 3/2003

cari m ecklund wrote:

>We started my 8 yr old on Novolog last Friday and his numbers have been
>REALLY good...which sadly, is not that normal for him. Sooo, what I'm
>wondering is, if any of you have noticed better results with Novolog or
>if we've just been lucky with good sites and such? I'm even considering
>lower his basal rates this weekend if it continues since he's been
>bordering on lows a few times. We also just started the Cozmo (which we
>LOVE) so I'll be able to fine tune even more! : ) 
>We've been using  Humalog for about 6 yrs (Andrew was dx in '96 @ 14 mo.)
>and he's been pumping for 3.5 with the Disetronic H Tron.
>Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
>Thanks, Cari
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