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[IP] Novolog

We started my 8 yr old on Novolog last Friday and his numbers have been
REALLY good...which sadly, is not that normal for him. Sooo, what I'm
wondering is, if any of you have noticed better results with Novolog or
if we've just been lucky with good sites and such? I'm even considering
lower his basal rates this weekend if it continues since he's been
bordering on lows a few times. We also just started the Cozmo (which we
LOVE) so I'll be able to fine tune even more! : ) 

We've been using  Humalog for about 6 yrs (Andrew was dx in '96 @ 14 mo.)
and he's been pumping for 3.5 with the Disetronic H Tron.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Cari
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