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Re: [IP] Dresses w/pump

What is the cut on your dress?

I find the best place to put my MM508 is between my breasts inside my bra.
I find the Victoria Secret bras tend to have a nice thick middle cloth piece
that I can put the pump under.  Or I wear a Victoria Secret cotton bra that
looks a lot like a sports bra and place the pump in the middle.  In both
cases I put the pump in a baby sock (old navy 6 mo.) to soak up the sweat
and to not irritate my skin.  I then use the remote to bolus.

If your dress isn't cut in a way that you could do this, or you don't feel
comfortable with it there.  If your dress has a somewhat "swingy" skirt I
would suggest going to Walmart or Target and buying a $7 pair of spandex
shorts (bike shorts).  These will hold the pump much better then the waist
thing (which for me always becomes an ankle thing), and is less expensive
then the chickster.  The other suggestion that I haven't tried is a pair of
tennis panties.  You can put the pump in the ball pocket.

Finally, and I did do this for a wedding I was a bridesmaid in, you can have
it put into your hairdo (that is if you have enough hair to do this).  I had
shoulder length hair at the time, and the dress was not cut to hide
anything.  As a joke I asked the hair dresser to put it in my hair...and he
did.  My hair was put into what I can best describe as a French twist with
some random curls hanging out.  It looked better than it sounds.  :-)  The
tubing went down the back of my neck into my dress and nobody seemed to

Good luck!

-- Sherry
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