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Re: [IP] Incorrect Delivery--basal or bolus

You might be able to prove what the pump is delivering. Cut of the end of
the infusion set nearest
the canula. Take the plunger out of a syringe, put the hose into the
syringe and set a bolus for
10 units, you should find 10 units in the syringe.


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>It sounds to me like the pump is malfunctioning...  I would ask to speak to
>a supervisor if I were you.  I thought that when you run an occlusion test,
>it's SUPPOSED to sound an alarm saying it's occluded, right?  So if yours
>didn't, that's a problem.  My old 508 (named Panc) had problems back in
>November (2 yrs old) and they sent me a replacement 508 (named Skylar).  So
>push a little harder, maybe they'll send one...  Good luck and I hope it
>works out!!... oh, and are you sure you're not getting sick?  That's how my
>BG's behave when I'm infected but not sympotmatic yet... ick, I hope not for
>your sake!
>ciao, Brian
>> Is it possible, does anyone know, for a pump to delivery incorrect doses
>> insulin (both basal and bolus.) I am still having high highs, and very
>> unexpected huge drops from correction bolus.  Minimed had me run the
>> test, and my pump sounded no delivery in ten units, and so then they said
>> was all me, and couldn't be the pump.
>> Any response would be helpful, no pump wars please.
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